Rock Candy Production Line

The Rock Candy is formed from the saturated sugar solution of sucrose (sugar) in water, which crystallizes during a physical mechanism of time and temperature and is formed into beautiful crystals. But Raya Sanat, with its initiative and expertise, has been able to optimize this production line by 95% and significantly reduce its waste.

The process of rock candy production

To prepare the candy, the sugar is first mixed with water and made into a syrup. The resulting syrup is heated in a special pot. And after removing the impurities, the syrup is heated so that the water evaporates and thickens. When the syrup reaches the desired concentration, it is transferred to the crystallization containers.

During the crystal formation process, the solution should be completely stagnant and no turbulence should occur in the container.

The solution is stored at a certain temperature according to the size of the crystals until the sucrose crystal is produced according to its shape as a rock candy (crystal formed around the thread), straw candy (crystal formed around plastic or wooden straw), bowl candy (Candy in the form of containers) and boards candy (candys formed in the walls of the container) are produced.

It is noteworthy that the higher the temperature, the smaller the crystals.

The machines required for the crop production line

  • Syrup maker
  • Aparat device
  • Rangbar machine
  • Condenser and Cooling tower
  • Filter Press
  • Boiler
  • Storage containers

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